War Plans

Please Read Ephesians 6:10-12

What if I told you a significant amount of attacks from the evil one will come through those who claim to be Christians? The apostle Paul faced attacks from false believers all the time, (2 Corinthians 11:26) so did Moses, so did Jesus, and many others. It's nothing new. It's a war plan of the enemy. He hopes the aggressive actions of false believers will make us dwell on things like, “Man, if you can't trust a Christians who can you trust?” But many of them are not really Christians. They're just wearing the name; a clever plan. If we harp on the sins of others too long we fall into a trap. And we can become just as unloving and hypocritical as those whose conduct we despise. Has the sins of others affected us to the point of not following God? This is a war plan of the enemy.

I meet many folks who say they are believers in Jesus. After conversing with them for a while I can see that their hearts are broken into many tiny pieces because of past hurts. Many of these hurts are from those who professed to be Christians. This can make the experience feel worse. I go through it sometimes myself. As a young man I remember being devoted to a particular religion that claimed to follow Christ. I (like so many others) had been duped into thinking I was serving God. Later I painfully found out I was tricked, and was following doctrines of men. How did I respond to this news? I became mad at the world. I hated everybody including myself. My wreckless lifestyle even contributed to the loss of my marriage. Hence I believe I can relate to the war plan of hurt and disappointment. And again these missiles seem to be most effective when fired by those who claim to worship God. How can we defend ourselves against these attacks of Satan? By deciding not to love people anymore? By doing what I did and becoming mad at the world? No. That's walking right into Satan's trap. Let's get some encouragement from God's word on how to fight back.


Please Read Ephesians 6:16

The Bible says when we use our large shield of faith it is so powerful it can defend us against ALL the enemy's attacks. Wow! Then what does our faith say about people who hurt and offend us? Matthew 6:14-15 says if we forgive others who sin against us God will forgive us for our sins. On the other hand if we do not forgive others God won't forgive us. Don't you see? If we hold on to grudges the devil has already won, because he's got us to disobey God. Is the stupid, terrible, thing that somebody did to us, worth losing eternal life? Is holding a grudge really that important? No! When hurt by people let's pray earnestly to God, and beg Him for help to forgive. This is critical. That's our war strategy; living by our faith, not by our feelings. Our Commander and Chief Christ Jesus has ordered us to believe and obey the good news. And forgiving others (though a basic teaching) is a powerful weapon.

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