2 Timothy 2:2

Please Read 2 Timothy 2:2

Timothy was told by his mentor the apostle Paul to teach God's word only to faithful, reliable men, who in turn would be able to teach others. This lines up with what is said at Proverbs 9:7-9 which says not to correct or instruct wicked men or mockers. That doing so brings abuse and insults to oneself. Instruct wise men and they will love you it says. Teach the wise and they will become more wise. This also lines up with what Jesus said at Matthew 13:11-12. There we read the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven are given to some and not to others. And whoever has will be given more until he has an abundance. And those who do not have even what they have will be taken away from them. So it is clear that the gospel message is not for everybody. But if we have the privilege of sharing God's message with someone on a regular basis 2 Timothy 2:2 behooves us to ask God these questions, “Are we entrusting your word to the right person? Is this person reliable, faithful? Can they be trusted to pass on your sacred secrets to others?

Jesus said at Matthew 7:6 'Do not give what is sacred to dogs or cast your pearls before swine. If you do they will trample them under their feet then turn and tear you to pieces.' Yeah, Jesus said there are certain people we are not to teach the word. And if we ignore his advice we're putting ourselves in danger. People who trample God's words under their feet; who show no appreciation for His precious words, yet pretend they want to learn are dangerous.

Some folks will ask you question after foolish question after foolish question. And no matter how many times you give them solid answers from the scriptures here comes another foolish question. (Titus 3:9-11) What's interesting is they don't believe the answers you've already given them. So why are they still asking you questions? Is it because they really want to learn about God? Or are they slyly trying to teach you? Questions draw people in and keep conversations going. Are these minions employing on us the same evil tactic the Devil used on Eve in the Garden of Eden? (Genesis 3:1-5) You know, ask a controversial question to get the unsuspecting believer talking. Then throw in a statement in an attempt to cause doubt and trip up their faith. It's a smooth technique. But it only works on those who don't obey what God says at 2 Timothy 2:2, Proverbs 9:7-9, and Matthew 7:6. Those who obey God won't be harmed. What awesome power there is in obedience!

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