I Humbly Apologize!!!

Earlier this week I posted an article titled, “If We Hate People We’re Gonna Die.” The article has been rewritten and the title changed which now reads, “Let Us Not Hate People.” God showed me that certain things said in that piece could have been taken the wrong way. Which means I said them wrong. Hence I spoke insensitively. I do apologize if you read the original article titled, “If We Hate People We’re Gonna Die” and came away feeling like, “If I don’t preach the gospel as much as others that means I must hate people like Jonah did and I’m doomed.” God knows that wasn’t at all what I intended. But they say the road to hell is sometimes paved with good intentions. Never mind my intentions. As a speaker of God’s word I have an obligation to reflect God’s heart, and I don’t believe I did a good job of that in the original article. I do believe (and hope God feels the same) that the rewritten article “Let Us Not Hate People,” shows a more balanced viewpoint from God’s word. I do again apologize if I offended any of you.

Sincerely Your Brother,


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