Wait Patiently On The Lord

Please Read Psalm 27:14

Ever been in a situation where all you could do is wait? Did you complain? I’m sure all of us have at some time. But that’s where patience is lost. Patience isn’t just waiting. It’s the ability to wait and suffer painful annoyances calmly, without complaining. All the great servants of God had patience. They knew something most people don’t know: that God is in full control of everything. And he has our best interest at heart. A person makes many plans, but God determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9 Jeremiah 10:23) Our waiting patiently on God shows we trust and know Him. Someone who knows God is guiding their destiny doesn’t fret. He/she obeys Jesus who says not to worry. (Matthew 6:34) Even when things look bleak God’s power isn’t weak. Our changing circumstances don’t change Him. God is with us in all of our afflictions just as he was with Joseph while he was in prison. (Genesis 39: 20-23)


Many of us know the story of Joseph. He was an exceptional man. When he was a boy his brothers hated him so much that they sold him into slavery. Imagine being in that position. But this unusual lad did not lose heart. He kept looking to his God. And his God made him super successful in whatever he did. So successful that he was placed over Pharaoh’s chief bodyguard’s whole house. The chief bodyguard’s wife noticed young Joseph, but he refused to have sex with her. She eventually had him setup on a false rape charge. Now Joseph had to go to prison where he stayed for years. You think he might have just given up by now? Not Joseph. He kept patiently waiting on his God. And God rewarded him again by being with him in prison. Everything Joseph touched abundantly succeeded. So much so that the prison warden put Joseph over the whole prison. “But what kind of success is that?” some might say. “He’s still in prison.” Being made the head and not the tail in a tough situation lightens the load. God gives a person rest even in the midst of their trials.


Joseph was eventually released from prison and was promoted by the Pharaoh of Egypt himself. He was placed in charge of all Egypt and answered only to Pharaoh. Yes, Joseph became a very powerful man. He was later reunited with his family and was instrumental in saving them and many others from a deadly famine that lasted for 7 years. Oh, I almost forgot: Pharaoh gave Joseph his own daughter to be his wife. Joseph had children by her, life was good. But Joseph always made good even when life was bad. (Ecclesiastes 7:13-14) Every time the world threw lemons at Joseph he took those lemons and made lemonade. He is one of my favorite people because of his great patience. He wouldn’t quit serving God regardless of his circumstances. His story can be found in the book of Genesis chapters 37, and 39-50. If you check out his story you will definitely see that God does reward patience. Let’s be like Joseph. Let’s patiently wait on God and never lose heart.

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