Give Mild Answers

Wonna enjoy peace even in the midst of stormy trials? Give mild answers. The Bible says that a fool’s mouth brings strife, invites beatings, and is a trap to his own soul. (Proverbs 18:6-7) A fool lashes out with pride and provokes others. Soon enough someone gets tired of him. (Proverbs 14:3 10:14 Ecclesiastes 10:12)

Please Read Proverbs 15:1

God teaches us to be wise not fools. A gentle answer turns away anger, but harsh words stir it up. By giving mild answers even in the face of provocation we turn anger away. It doesn’t get to build up. It’s harder for a person to feel justified in harming us because we’re not hurting them back with our words. But when we argue and answer people in a harsh manner we are stirring anger up in them, and that will lead to trouble. (Psalm 37:8) Wisdom says to handle situations mildly, calmly, with a cool head. Not only is this exhibiting self-control which is the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), we are in control of the situation at hand because we are walking in the spirit and obeying God’s teaching. Giving mild answers has great spiritual power. This power comes from God.

Please Read Proverbs 25:15

God said that even rulers can be persuaded by patience. And a gentle tongue can break a bone. Ever seen someone arguing with a person in a position of authority? The same people they need to help them in some kind of way? It normally doesn’t turn out well, does it? Why be a pain in the butt to those whose help you need? Why argue with someone who has authority over you period? Isn’t it better to follow God’s counsel and benefit ourselves? Who cares if you don’t like this or that about the person. They’re in a position of authority over you, and you need their help. Arguing may cause them to become even more angry with you, then feel justified in making matters worse for you. It’s not wise to be a hot-head. Being patient as God says will net better results. Gentle words are so powerful they can break a bone God said. Operate in that power, the true power. Bickering only leads to trouble. Let us remember this the next time things don’t seem to be going our way and we’re dealing with difficult people, especially those in positions of authority. (Romans 13:1)


Please Read James 1:19-20

If we follow what God says being swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath, a lot of quarrels will never happen. When we get angry (our way) it is impossible to live the righteous life that God requires. Our words and how we use them play a huge role in our lives. By giving mild, gentle answers we will be like a skilled road worker that paves smooth roads ahead of ourselves on which to travel.

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